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I am an Artist.
I am an Alchemist.
I am a Guide.

I am here to open up portals into the Beauty Realms...

... in and through the body

through yoga & meditation,

through my voice & music,

through my visual art,

through the temple spaces I create.

I help people remember how to connect to the grace that naturally arrives when they are truly open and present.

I grew up in a small country town in Australia, obsessively making art while quietly pondering existence. To be honest, I really don't know where my passion for the occult came from...

At 19, I impulsively started studying Taoism through the lens of Chinese Medicine. This snowballed into 17 years of spiritual seeking & finding in the realms of non-duality, tantric shaivism, yoga, meditation, natural medicines, mantra, puja & music.|

In 2013, I sold everything back in Australia and have been living in Asia ever since. I spent many years living and studying in India and I am now based in Bali where I teach regular yoga classes at Radiantly Alive in Ubud.


I collaborate with Carlos Romero (@livininspired) in his classes and trainings. We have a sound healing project called Palo Santo (

In 2022 created The Blue Lotus Apothecary making high potency blue lotus tinctures. I host Blue Lotus ceremonies with meditation & sound healing.

Please contact me directly to connect about collaborations in Bali or internationally.


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My name is Haylee Clare...

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