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I am passionate about creating opportunities for people to connect to their own sacred nature through ceremony
guided by
music, medicines & meditation.


The Blue Lotus is a beautiful flower that roots in the mud and blooms only in the light of the sun.

A symbol of the path of spiritual awakening in many Eastern lineages and pictured throughout the temples of Ancient Egypt where the blue lotus was revered and consumed in their ceremonies to amplify their connection to the higher realms.

Blue Lotus has a subtle yet powerful energy that is perfect for meditation as it is said to connect with the third eye.

I make a potent organic blue lotus tincture & tea that I make that gives a feeling of deep relaxation.

I guide participants into meditation where they receive a sound bath with crystal bowls, shruti box, guitar & my voice, singing mantras & prayers in different languages.

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Cacao is a medicine of the heart.

The word “cacao” comes from the Mayan words “Ka’kau” meaning “heart blood". It was believed that the gods gifted cacao to the people directly. The scientific genus name for cacao is theobroma, which translates to “Food of the Gods,” and the Maya believed that cacao was a key ingredient in restoring balance and connecting to the divine. 

​Music is a medicine of the heart.

The Cacao Temple is a space where we connect to the heart by opening our voices in a very unique way.

We begin with an embodiment practice and I then guide a meditative process using visualization, breath & the voice to create strong vibrations in the inner body.


Most of this workshop involves using tones like "Aaaaaah" or "Ommmm" to clear & balance the energetic centers. This leaves the participant in an expanded meditative state.

I work with raw organic Balinese Cacao, known to be very stimulating when taken in high doses. My ceremonial cacao is brewed with Blue Lotus to balance the strength of the cacao, leaving you feeling opened and relaxed.


The Sound Temple is a space for deep surrender.

I work with instruments that align the listener with meditative brainwave states, creating soundscapes using crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, Indian shruti box, pentatonic wind chimes & North American medicine drums.

My voice is one of my greatest gifts.

I carry sacred prayers, songs & chants from different lineages & languages. My voice weaves in and out to guide the journey.

This experience is the pure medicine of sound, designed to bring you into a deeply peaceful place within.

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