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Premium crystal quartz singing bowls, chalices & tuning forks.
99.7% High grade quartz crystal.

Perfect pitch, 440Hz or 432Hz.
Custom made, notes, colour & design.

Option to engrave with unique original art.

Lightweight design & portable carry case.
Worldwide shipping, packed safely.




Crystal sound healing instruments such as bowls, chalices, tuning forks are a relatively new invention, made from pure crushed quartz that is melted and moulded under 4000 degrees heat. 

These bowls create very long, slow wave vibrations that penetrate the body on a cellular level. These vibrations impact the water in the brain and though a process of entrainment, the vibrations slow down the brainwaves of the listener, guiding them effortlessly into relaxation in the Alpha brainwave state, and further into deep meditation in the Theta brainwave state.

When we enter the Theta state, we shift from the flight or flight stress response of the sympathetic nervous system to the calming restorative effect of the parasympathetic nervous system. In this state of deep relaxation, all of the systems of the body begin to heal, repairing & rebuilding the tissues, organs & blood and can open us up to a greater spiritual experience.


Begin with a single bowl for personal use, or a set of 3 - 4+ bowls of different sizes to offer sound healing sessions. 
The bowls stack inside one another and may be carried safely inside one padded case. 


Small: USD $350
4th Octave G, G#, A, A#

Medium: USD $450
4th Octave C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#

Large: USD $550
3rd Octave E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#

X-Large: USD $650
3rd Octave C, C#, D, D#



A chalice is a crystal bowl with a handle. Anchored by the hand, it is possible to play the chalice much louder than a bowl. Perfect for sound healing on the body, the vibration of the chalice is received strongly by the water in the cells, deeply attuning the receiver to healing meditative frequencies.

Small: USD $850
4th Octave C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#

Medium: USD $950
3rd Octave E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#

Large: USD $1050
3rd Octave C, C#, D, D#


Listen to 3rd octave G & C Chalices.
Headphones will greatly improve the quality of the sound. 



Adorn your bowl or chalice with engraved artwork!
Choose from these designs or commission your own unique piece.


At the center of this design lies the symbol of the goddess, the Sri Yantra, intertwined with the star-shaped Gayatri Yantra & surrounded by the Gayatri mantra written in Devanagri.

The Gayatri mantra is about radiant light illuminating all.



This design is for the sacral chakra, symbolised by the crescent moon and the 6 petalled lotus.

The seat of pleasure, freedom, creativity, flexibility & sensuality.



The stars carry ancient light. The birds are the carriers of spirit from the earth to the great beyond. The central star holds the frequency of purity that radiates outward and becomes an orbit of smaller stars that become flocks of bir This design movement the feeling of orbit. 



This design encompasses many different symbols - the bird in flight, the rising sun, the crescent moon, the lotus below and a variation of the chakana above. This design is about interconnection of spirit & universal light. 

Bird 1.jpeg
Anchor 1


Complete this form to the best of your abilities and I will provide you with a quote and work with you to help you to find your dream set!

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How many bowls should I buy?

It depends on what you want to do with the bowls! If you want to begin with just 1 bowl, a chalice can be a great place to start, as you can hold it close to the body where the vibration can be felt strongly.  If you want to create a longer sound journey, the more bowls the better! It is possible to make a short journey with 2 bowls, but if you want to do a full length sound healing, you want to have a minimum of 3 - 4 bowls. A larger collection of 7-10+ bowls creates a lot more opportunity to explore different dynamics between notes, incuding creating both binaural & harmonic combinations.  You also want a mix of big bowls from the 3rd octave that have low sounds and smaller bowls from the 4th octave that make higher sounds. Sets of bowls stack inside of one another and several bowls can be carried together in one padded carry case. The bowls are very lightweight and a set can weigh as little as 2kg.

How do I know what notes to choose?

It's very personal and comes down to what kind of mood you want to create. Some combinations make a very perfect and angelic harmonic. For example: C, E, F & G. Other combinations create more of a mysterious meditative field. For example: A, D & F. If you have another instrument that you would like to play with the bowls, such as a flute or wind chimes, you can also tailor the selection of bowls to compliment the key of the instrument.  For example, if you have a flute in the key of F#, you might like to get a harmonic combo of C# & F#. If you know that your voice feels good in the key of B, you might like to buy a set of bowls in B scale: B, D#, E, F# & B. I suggest listening to different combinations of notes on Youtube. A channel I like to use to get inspiration is Sedona Crystal Temple

440 Hz or 432 Hz?

It is possible to have the bowls tunes to 440hz or 432hz. 440hz is standard tuning and all popular music is set to 440hz. There is significant evidence that music that is tuned to 432hz has a more relaxing effect on the body. If you choose to work with 432hz, it is important that all of your bowls and any accompanying instruments are also tuned to 432, or things will sound out of tune.

Should I get a bowl or a chalice?

If you are just looking for 1 bowl, then a chalice is better. They might look girly, but the chalice is far superior to the bowl. Because you anchor it with your hand, you can play it much louder than you can play a bowl and you can also kind of flick the mallet at the end which brings amazing harmonics. You can also play it very close to the body which delivers the vibration to the cells in a more powerful way and you can move around holding it which is amazing for savasana or meditation in a class or workshop. The downside to the chalice is that you have to anchor it with your hand. It's fine to hold one chalice and also play a set of bowls together, but trying to play more than 2 chalices at the same time is awkward. If you want to do a sound journey, its better that you get bowls that you can play simualtanously, or, a chalice with a complimentary set of bowls.

Are they fragile? How can I transport them?

Bowls are made from pure quartz crystal and have a similar density to that of glass. Obviously, if you drop them onto a hard surface, they will break. However, if you are careful with them they will last a lifetime. Bowls come with a sturdy, padded cover case and sets of several bowls may be stacked inside one another with pieces of foam in between to protect them.

Can I choose my own colours?

Yes! My manufacturer can create almost any colour you dream of using coloured pigments & glazes. It is also possible to engrave designs into the bowls. I have a selection of my own artwork that you can choose from, or we can customise something for you!

Can you ship internationally?

Yes! My manufacturer is in China and ships internationally with the best couriers such as Fed Ex. Your bowls will be expertly packed and guaranteed to arrive to you in perfect condition. Shipping costs are additional and vary depending on the size, weight & destination.

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