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DEC 29th - JAN 2nd, 2014

Want to enter the new year with a clean slate?

Are you craving some days in silence where you can drop into deep relaxation?

Do you want to let go of your limiting beliefs and open a new timeline of infinite possibilities?

Do you need a digital detox? A chance to commune with pristine nature, to immerse in crystalline waterfalls, to gaze into the sacred fire?

Do you want to feel more vibrant, alive and connected to your body?

How about spending your new year in community, anchored in authenticity & presence?

If the answer is YES,

We welcome you!



We will be working with the purifying power of silence.

Participants will not be speaking for the first 3 days of the retreat to enhance their introspection. An Art Station will be set up each day for participants to express through art.

During these days we will also enjoy sound in the form of sound healing and the symphony of nature.

We will break the silence by enteri
ng into the new year sharing intentionsdance & song!


Each day will include a combination of different practices, all designed to guide you toward a feeling of deep connection.

We will be practicing meditation from seated & lying down, walking or moving meditations like Qi Gong, dynamic yoga classes, & dance.

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Dec 29th 2023 - Jan 2nd 2024

An example of our daily schedule, which will involve different offerings each day...

6:30 - 7:30         Early Bird Meditation
7:30 - 9:00         Asana & Pranayama
9:00 - 10:00       Meditation

10:00 - 11:00     Breakfast
11:00 - 
1:30      Free Time - Art Station
1:30 - 3:30         Lunch & Free Time
3:30 - 5:30
         Afternoon Workshop
5:30 - 7:30        Dinner & Free Time
19:30 - 20:30
     Yoga Nidra or Sound Healing

*New Years Eve will be a long night of fun!

Bali Eco Stay_edited.jpg
Bali Eco Stay_edited.jpg



We will be staying at the beautiful Bali Eco Stay in the lush Tabanan Valley.

Immersed in nature, the retreat is surrounded by rice paddies, jungle & organic gardens. This venue is also blessed to have a stunning waterfall on site for swimming.

Bali Eco Stay features a range of beautiful wooden bungalows with cozy lounge areas to relax in the breaks.

They also offers delicious farm-to-table organic vegetarian meals made by so much love and care for the environment.




Haylee Clare is a mystic, a musician, a teacher and the creator of the Shadows of Light Oracle.

Based in Bali, Haylee is a powerful anchor and guide into the deep waters of meditation, into trance and transcendent states through music, movement & ceremony.

She carries a Vedic altar and the wisdom drawn from 18 years of full devotion to the spiritual path & study of meditation practices from several different non-dual lineages such as Kashmiri Shaivism, Taoism & Advaita Vedanta. Haylee spent many years sitting with her teachers of Kundalini Meditation, Sanskrit, Puja & Tantric Philosophy.

More recently, Haylee completed her first solo Darkness Retreat, meditating alone in a dark room for 9 days, which was truly the best experience of her life, and a practice that she intends to return to for longer periods.

Haylee is passionate about creating sacred spaces for deep transformation, to shift consciousness by helping people reconnect with themself & the earth.

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From a young age Krista has always been thirsty for truth and knowledge; full of curiosity, a deep thinker and an ardent seeker.

As an international yoga teacher with over a decade of experience in the field, she has trained in many different modalities of movement, as well as energetic & healing practices.

Krista also carries a BA in Philosophy and Religion, her vast areas of philosophical and spiritual study span both the East & West, include the practices and wisdom from Kashmir Shaivism, European Paganism & Indigenous Wisdom, amongst many others.

All of this study and inner work has created a holistic approach to transformation, personal development, and connection. Krista offers the invitation to step into the wilderness of healing and awakening yourself to discover the beauty and transformative power of becoming what you truly are.

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New Year 2024

DEC 29th 2023 - JAN 2nd 2024


- 4 x nights shared accommodation at Bali Eco Stay.

- 3 x organic vegetarian meals per day. Farm-to-table from the land.

Eclectic program balancing stillness & movement, silence & sound. 
- Nature Immersion, expansive rice field walks and on-site waterfall.

- Incredible facilitators with decades of experience.

- Music - sound healing, dance & singing to bring in the New Year. ​

- Guided practices & ritual to transition into the new year with intention.

- Soul family, new connections & time to play and celebrate.


Bali Eco Stay has several beautiful bungalows spread through the gardern, each with a different layout.

USD $790
(approx IDR 12,500,000)
Single bed in a twin share room with a shared bathroom.

USD $990
(approx IDR 17,000,000)
1 person in a Queen bed in a private room with a shared bathroom.

USD $1,590 for 2 people
(approx IDR 24,500,000)
2 people sharing a Queen bed in a private bungalow with a private bathroom.



  • I'm a beginner with meditation, will this be accessible for me?
    Yes! This retreat is for people of all levels of experience. If you have never practiced meditation before, the New Year is a great time to start! Of course, in the beginning, practicing meditation can feel difficult as we may have a busy mind and we are learning tools to come into stillness. We will give you some basic anchors for the practice in the Welcome Circle and hopefully you will learn how to settle yourself into a very deep space throughout this retreat. Some sessions of meditation will be guided and you will be given instructions to follow. Other sessions will be completely silent. We will also have some sessions where we will play sound healing instruments such as crystal bowls that help us to drop deeper into meditation.
  • I cannot always sit on the floor to meditate, is there another option?
    Yes. If you have physical limitation and cannot sit with crossed legs, we can help you to find a comfortable way of sitting on the first day before we go into silence, using bolsters & blocks to support you. You can also sit on a chair for meditation sessions. You are also welcome to change your position at any time during the session, including lying down, provided that you do not go to sleep.
  • I am a beginner with yoga, will this be accessible to me?
    Yes! This retreat is for people of all levels of experience. If you have never practiced yoga before, the New Year is a great time to start! Our sessions will be accessible practices, designed to move energy and bring the group towards meditation. Some will be very gentle, others may give you a sweat. You will be welcome to rest in between poses and we will give variations that will make more challenging postures easier, so you can set your own pace and take care of your body.
  • Will we be in silence for the whole retreat?
    No. The first 3 days will be silent, we will cross over into the new year and break the silence for the last 2 days. Facilitators will be using their voices to guide the practices when necessary and will be in silence other times unless communicating logistical things. If you have any major issue that is coming up for you that you need to discuss during the silence, we are available to hear and support you in any way we can.
  • Can I use my phone during the retreat?
    Ideally you can switch off your phone for the duration of the retreat and get a real digital detox. If you want to keep your phone on as a clock, we ask that your phone stays in Aeroplane Mode in your bag and serves as a clock only. We will ring a bell at 6:10am, 20mins before the first morning meditation session so that you will not need to set your alarm on your phone. You cannot bring your phone into the meditation space for any of the sessions for any reason. Bells will be also be rang to communicate when meals are ready and when sessions are about to start so you can fully surrender into presence. We also understand that everyone has a life and a family and a job, and if you need to make contact with anyone we ask that you can keep that to the minimum and only use your phone in the reception of the retreat center only, not in the rooms. We are creating a shared frequency and we would love it if we could just hold full presence to the here and now and put the phones away for this time.
  • Do I have to attend all the sessions?
    No, none of the sessions are compulsory. We really hope that you want to be there for the whole program, and we also totally support you taking time out for yourself. If you need to skip any of the sessions that is okay.
  • What should I bring with me?
    You will need... - Warm comfortable clothing with long sleeves and long pants for cool mornings & evenings. *It can get cool in this area of Bali, please come prepared. - Natural Insect repellant - A journal and pencil or pen. - Comfy yoga clothes for practice each day. - A yoga mat if you have your own one. Mats will be provided, but its always nice to have your own. - Your meditation cushion, blanket or asana if you already have one that you use. Props will be provided if you do not have. - A sarong & your swimsuit for the waterfall. - Flipflops. - Earplugs if you need to wear them to share a sleeping space. *If you know that you snore, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange private sleeping. - An elegant New Years party outfit. - Any medicines you are taking, including emergency medicines for asthma or allergy. - Musical instruments if you want to share music at the new year.
  • Can I bring my child?
    No, sorry! This is an adults only space.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    No, sorry. Animals can be very distracting for everyone.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Tickets are refundable until 7 days before the retreat, after that tickets are non-refundable, but are transferable. If you cannot attend and need to cancel for some reason, you are welcome to sell your ticket on to someone else who can come in your place and we will try our absolute best to find a replacement for your space. We hope that if this situation arises that we can find a solution for everyone.



If you want to join future retreats or trainings, leave your email address here and I'll notify you only when something is happening.

Thanks for subscribing!

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