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श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः


One class every week for 6 weeks.
Beginning JULY 25th, 2024.

Join online with live Zoom calls
or in-person in Ubud, Bali.


Next training in Pranayama begins in August. Subscribe for more details.


Welcome to this journey into the study & practice of Vedic mantra.


Often translated to mean 'perfected', the word Sanskrit is made of 2 root parts: 'sam' meaning 'together' + 'karoti' meaning 'he makes'


During this course, we will be opening up the origami folds of the major mantras of the Vedas, exploring them vibrationally, somatically, intellectually and as the sonic form of deity.


This course is designed to give a foundation for absolute beginners, or those who have some experience and want to improve their pronunciation or deepen their understanding of how to work with mantra & deity. 


My approach to Sanskrit comes through both the Tantric & Vedic lineages that I have studied in depth, which mirror metaphysical concepts that everything is made of vibration. As such, we can work with Mantra Shakti  to shape our reality… for the better.


We will be working deeply with the throat chakra, Vishuddhi which literally means 'Purification'. Mantra practice is a way of purifying our spoken word and also the words that make up our thoughts & beliefs, as well as bringing harmony the space surrounding us, creating a protective architecture in our energetic field.


We will begin with the building blocks of Sanskrit, the the Sanskrit alphabet. In a practical sense, polishing the pronunciation of each letter of the alphabet will support the pronunciation of longer mantras. From the Tantric perspective, this practice of the Sanskrit Patha - the Recitation of Sanskrit, is to break language into its particles and worship the power of creation.



Deities are like different colours in the spectrum of light. They may be approached as foundational energetic forces that exist within all of life or as divine beings who may be evoked externally to create support or balance in our lives. We will focus on the Trimurti - the major deities of creation, sustenance & destruction. We will learn about their geometric yantra form and feel their essence somatically as we chant.


When the Rishi’s - the ancient sages of India, first received the transmissions, they came in the abstract form of monosyllabic seed mantras called bija mantras. The bija mantras are the sonic equivalent of every deity, element & chakra. We will begin the unravelling of mantra, beginning with the vibration of Om.


There are several important mantras which do not directly relate to deity that we will also explore, such as the Gayatri, Om Shanti, So Ham, Om Asatoma and more. 

All of the mantras that we will be practicing will be relatively short, about 1-5 lines per mantra.

A longer mantra is not a better mantra. 

The shorter mantras are the most ancient and they carry the shakti of infinite recitations. This course is designed to help you to become confident and fluent in using the basic mantras.


In Vedic Chanting, the melody & meter are set and there is a 'correct' way to chant Veda. You will learn chanting in the traditional way and practice repetitive Japa recitation to infuse the mantras into your memory. 

Mantras can also be sung with any melody and I will share some of my favourite melodies that I have collected over many years of travelling to India.


Mantra is made of 2 parts - 'man', meaning 'that which measures'  + 'tra' - to cross over, the same root as 'travel'. Chanting creates a fertile ground to move beyond the mind. I will share meditation practices connected both to bija practice as well as deity.



Online via Zoom
Every Thursday for 6 weeks

July 25th, Aug 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th, 2024

Classes will be 90 mins long, held online weekly every Thursday, Bali time (GMT+8) (Wednesday in the states). 

To accommodate for students on both sides of the world, there are 2 options for call times each week, according to what works best for you in your time zone. 

The course will also be offered live to students living in Bali who would like to take the course in-person. Classes will be held on Fridays at 11am, beginning July 26th.  

Thursday, 8am Bali time WITA - Central Indonesian Time (GMT +8)

= Thursday morning in Australia, Wednesday early evening in the US.




Thursday, 4pm Bali time WITA - Central Indonesian Time (GMT +8) 

= Thursday early evening in Australia, Thursday morning in Europe.


Fridays 11am in Ubud, Bali - Live in person.


Recommended donation of
USD $555


  • 6 x 90 minute Live Zoom Calls with downloadable recordings for you to keep.

  • Mantra Sadhana E-book & printable PDF containing all of the mantras with translations.

  • Audios for each mantra, including the slow, call & response unfolding of each mantra, word by word.

If you are under financial stress, please send me a message to discuss as I want to make this work available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. 

Paypal, Wise, Crypto or transfer. Payment details will be sent on registration.

Giving back

A donation from the proceeds of this offering will be made to suport the Nanhe Sitare School in Varanasi India. An initiative to provide very poor children with free education and essential live skills. 

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Which call time would you like to select?
Thursday, 8am Bali time WITA - Central Indonesian Time (GMT +8) 
= Thursday morning in Australia, Wednesday early evening in the US.
Thursday, 4pm Bali time WITA - Central Indonesian Time (GMT +8) 
= Thursday early evening in Australia, Thursday morning in Europe.
Both of these times work for me.
Joining in person 11am Fridays in Ubud, Bali.
How would you like to transfer payment? I will forward details in my reply email.


I was introduced to mantra in 2010 through my yoga practice. I began travelling to India frequently and spent time living in ashrams where mantra & fire rituals were a primary focus along with yoga & meditation.

In 2015 I was introduced to Gurudeva Vagish Shastri in Varanasi who was a renowned saint & revered teacher at Benares University. I received Shaktipat initiation and studied Sanskrit, kundalini meditation & tantric philosophy with him 1:1 in his home during my yearly travels to India until his passing in 2020. 

In 2018, I began learning the art of Vedic puja (ritual). This deepened my understanding of both the Tantric & Vedic perspectives on mantra, mudra, deity & worship immensely.

Honouring all of my teachers, thank you so much for everything you have shared with me.

Om sri guru bhyo namaha.

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